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When charging a battery purchased from us you must make sure you are using the correct Amp charger. We recommend a 1A—5V charger for most devices. We will not be held responsible for damage caused to batteries by using the incorrect charger.


Any battery can be dangerous when in contact with a metallic item such as keys or coins. We STRONGLY advise customers to store there batteries in a safe environment away from metallic objects and excessive heat.


Always remember to lock your battery /device when not in use, this will prevent accidently activating your battery and causing damage.


E Liquid is TOXIC if swallowed - very toxic if in contact with skin.

Incase of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately and show this leaflet and any bottle label if possible.

Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and can cause serious harm and injury.

When not in use keep all E-Liquid and devices locked and out of reach of children and pets.

Old batteries can be disposed of in store. Please be responsible when disposing of E-Liquid and other consumables.



You must keep your receipt in order for any return or warranty claim to be valid. Without a receipt we can’t process any returns or warranty claims.

All of our Tanks / Clearomisers / coils come with an out of box DOA warranty. Any claim must be actioned within 48 Hours of purchase. These items will not be replaced after.

USB Chargers and mains plugs come with a 6 month warranty, if you suspect you have a faulty plug or lead you must stop using it immediately and return it to the shop for investigation.

Any device or battery purchased will have a 3 month Limited warranty due to their consumable nature, this is subject to normal wear and tear (If its been given a hard time we will not replace it)

Apart from manufacturing issues the following due to hygiene reasons can NOT be replaced, Exchanged  or refunded.

. Drip Tips / Mouth pieces

. All E-Liquid


. Beware of hot parts. Risk of choking due to small parts

. Do NOT place in tight clothing

. Keep out of direct sunlight

. Keep away from children

. Keep away from water and other liquids

. Follow manufactures guidelines always